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In Japanese, they refer to the Christian god as "Kami-sama" (Lord Kami)
AIUI.  (Any Japanese mavens present are invited to correct me on this
point; Japan was not my major focus when I was studying these things.)

However, "kami" also refers to many other beings---what the Greeks would
have called nymphs, oreads, and other nature spirits, as well as other
gods.  Combined, it means "divine" or "holy," as in "kamikaze" which means
"divine wind."

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> wrote:
> >
> > I've had to explain to people that in classical antiquity, the line
> between
> > "man" and "god" wasn't as big and black as it is in Abrahamic monotheism.
> > Quite a few Greeks claimed divine ancestry (generally many generations
> > back) and there were cases in mythology and otherwise of men becoming
> gods,
> > or at least demigods.  Heracles, Romulus, and the successful pagan Roman
> > emperors come to mind in this context.
> Even in the Old Testament, the concept of a personal god who was more
> powerful and more personal than the other gods out there is different from
> what most modern believers have.
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