[LMB] Happy Birthday, nikohl nikohl!

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Wed Jun 30 13:30:09 BST 2021

As your ship approaches Komarr, you see the world laid out before you, like a colossal jewel in a black velvet box.  The true-sun and soletta, mismatched earrings, are oddly harmonious.  Coming in closer, your eyes delight in the streaks of the earth-emerald peat bogs.

Tuomonen meets you at the station for a bubble-car overfly tour of Serifosa Dome.  The soaring buildings are impressive, but you're especially drawn to the parks.  Tuomonen's unsure why you're so interested in a particular lake in the park near the Locks district [site of a particular incident], but is very willing to accommodate you.  

After collecting his family and supplies from that fabulous restaurant so enthusiastically recommended by Professor Vorthys, you and Tuomonen proceed to the park for a picnic.  It's peaceful, cool, and very green.  The background noises of other families enjoying the park are far-off, so conversation flourishes.  You particularly enjoy the acerbic snark of Tuomonen's Komarran mother-in-law.  A highlight of the day is a visit to the butterfly house, where Tuomonen's daughter skitters more than the flying jewels.  Both butterflies and children are a delight.  Under cover of the excitement, Tuomonen's mother-in-law slips you a small book.  A visit to the play beach finally wears out the daughter [and possibly you?  We won't tell, if you don't]. 

As the sky fades into the purple-tinged blues of sunset, you see the soletta following the sun in a slow, stately dance.  You're glad to see each part of the star-flake lit up, bringing light and a future to the world.  Speaking of light, after they pass overhead, there's a further surprise.  In honor of your visit, there's an amazing light show against the side of the bluff.  Light, color, and [muted] sound, it's the closest to their beloved fireworks the Barrayarans can come.  Although some of them would never admit it, the Komarrans enjoy the show too.

May your day be filled with fun.


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