[LMB] OT: Roman religion

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Wed Jun 30 16:40:22 BST 2021

Somewhere upthread, someone made a comment that suggested the Roman 
religious tolerance as making them like a secular state, which was most 
definitely not the case.  Granted, "wildly superstitious" does not 
exactly equate to our ideas of "pious". For a very good look at the 
telling details I rec the Great Course "The Pagan World: Ancient 
Religions Before Christianity" which has an extensive section on Roman 
practices.  Also a lecturer with a rather self-consciously fruity 
delivery, but once you get used to that the content is pretty good.

(I don't buy praise of Roman religion.  To my mind, the gladiatorial 
games were a generations-long practice of human sacrifice on an 
industrial scale in service to magically sustaining the state that put 
the Aztecs to shame.)

Great Courses Plus, their streaming service/app which I recommend, has 
recently rebranded itself "Wondrium", for reasons I wot not of.   The 
classic courses including Stephen Ressler's excellent offerings are all 
still there, but they've recently added a lot of more show-like material 
and other content, so who knows.  Anyway, the site remains a good, and 
extensive, mine of quality non-fictions vids.

Ta, L.

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