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Looks like another thread that has descended into insult and recrimination. Is it possible for us to discuss things we feel strongly about without getting nasty?
Gwynne and I disagree about a lot of things yet I consider her a friend, one that I am very worried about at the moment. She has never insulted or anyone else on the list in my recollection.
Could we all, please, follow her example.

William A Wenrich

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> Lesbians are not the only people who are attracted to women. Even strong, intelligent women.

I suspect that it is more common for men to have male buddies and women to have female buddies than the not.   If it weren’t for sex and procreation, living partners would be of the same gender more often than not.

My best friend is my wife, but who knows if that would be the case if I weren’t heterosexual.

I like an observation I read one time about class.    When two couples take a car ride, they pick different seat positions depending on their class:

Lower class have the men in front and the women in back.
Middle class have one couple in front and the other couple in back.
Upper class split couples, with a husband and the other guy’s wife in the same seat.
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