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The more you speak, the more I become convinced that you inhabit a
different universe.

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> > Really? What does that mean? What are "different kinds of partners"?
> > Different genders? Different personality types? Different pheromones? In
> > the course of a month?
> >
> When women are fertile, whether they consciously realize it or not, they
> tend to choose sexual partners that would be seen as better long-term
> investments, whether emotionally or financially.  When they're not fertile,
> they're more likely to choose superficial features:  'sexiness', basically.
> Men who aren't certain whether they're the father of a child are more
> likely to contribute something to its upkeep and less likely to harm it
> than if they're sure it's not theirs (in the ancestral environment, it's
> argued).  So it's believed that one evolutionary strategy is to sleep with
> lots of men, and leave them all wondering.  But it's still desirable to try
> for mates who are likely to feel responsibility for the child, rather than
> just pass through the area or disregard the mother and child.
> Birth control pills work by manipulating the hormones controlling
> menstruation, making the uterus incapable of accepting implantation; put
> another way, women aren't in the hormonal condition that normally permits
> fertility.  Which doesn't just affect the uterus, but the brain - women
> taking birth control pills don't manifest the unconscious difference in
> mate preference, because as far as their bodies are concerned they're
> always in their infertile period, and the trigger for preferring less
> exciting mates is never activated.
> The effect is subtle but real.  People have speculated as to the
> consequences for dating and relationships in the affluent world, but to the
> best of my knowledge no one's managed to demonstrate, or exclude, any
> particular implication.  Research on that scale is difficult at best, and
> there are so many conflicting factors that verifying a change in
> infidelity, for example, is next to impossible.
> Wasn't known by me, and I've taken birth control pills.
> >
> Known by psychologists.  Although again, real-world effects aren't known
> with much degree of certainty.
> Matt G.
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