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Sat Oct 2 16:04:17 BST 2021

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I think many authors are frustrated when they put *some* content they
personally believe in into a novel or story, and then have people believing
that characters in those works are meant to *be* the author themselves.
Our Host is a fine example.  I doubt anyone who's read her works has any
doubt about her opinion regarding sexual education, or the attractiveness
of extremely pale men for that matter.  But there's no character that's a
stand-in for her, or whose opinions and positions are mere expressions of
the author and identical to her own.  Just because there are bits of Bujold
in Cordelia, Kareen, and Ekaterin doesn't make any of them Lois
self-inserts.  There are lots of characters that Heinlein clearly based on
himself, and even used as bullhorns for his opinions, but it doesn't follow
that everything about those characters is a reflection of him.  (In
fairness, if he wanted people to avoid that mistake, he shouldn't have
spent so much time preaching - he was good at doing it entertainingly, but
confusion about the division between author and character is one
consequence that's hard to prevent.)

Matt G.


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