[LMB] ot: recommending Georgette Heyer

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 16:03:39 BST 2021

Jerrie said:

> Peter Hews had a hard time engaging with the Heyer novel, _Regency
Buck_.  Just this
> morning, over on the Heyer mailing list, someone wondered why _Regency
Buck_ was always
> trotted out as representative Heyer, when the poster felt it was far less
humorous and
> characteristic than other novels.

I haven't read it in decades - but remember it as being rather bland. (This
is why I haven't read it again.)

> What can we recommend that Peter might find more engaging?  I'll say
_Frederica_ and
> _Unknown Ajax_.

Good choices. I'll say "Sylvester" and "Black Sheep".

"False Colours" is one I really loved, but again, I haven't read it in
decades, and I don't hear people mentioning it much, and I always wonder
why not.


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