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A friend of mine once tried to equate Geogette Heyer with Barbara Cartland.  When I  came down from the ceiling and stopped sputtering, I recommended 3 books – the “waterloo” ones:   that is,  The Spanish Bride (Peninsular Campaign to Waterloo):  An Infamous Army (the Hundred Days): and A Civil Contract (the view from civilian England).   These are not primarily the comedies of manners we usually recommend; but perhaps Peter might find them more to his taste as historicals?

(incidentally, my friend commented later that she found the books rather dangerous because “she forgot everything else” while reading them.  Point?)

Oh, and a warning:  Peter,  NEVER read anything by Barbara Cartland.

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Jerrie said:

> Peter Hews had a hard time engaging with the Heyer novel, _Regency
Buck_.  Just this


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