[LMB] OT: Jobs and sport

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Sat Oct 2 18:02:49 BST 2021

On 02/10/2021 15:29, Matthew George wrote:
> You'd think an enterprising businessperson would go around recruiting all
> of the highly qualified women who can't get work, or appropriate
> remuneration, because of fears they'd outcompete men.  All that wasted
> talent would be an opportunity to overturn established businesses and make
> a bundle.

There are - I see some of that in the recruiting of top internet 
companies (the reason I'm not commenting about it elsewhere is that I 
haven't been involved in recruiting elsewhere). In FAANGs (Facebook, 
Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google -type companies) all engineers are 
constantly interviewing new candidates, so I saw the policies first 
hand, and in operation. We are told, and trained, to evaluate the 
candidates based on their demonstrated abilities (not on perceptions), 
and also to determine acceptance criteria ahead of time, for all 
candidates, NOT ad-hoc, when talking to a candidate.

And you know what? When you follow that process (and there are some 
people who don't want to, which is why it's never up to just one 
person), a lot more women and people whose skins is less than pearly 
white get accepted. I work with a bunch of them, and they're all great 

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