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Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Sat Oct 2 19:28:11 BST 2021

On 02/10/2021 17:48, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> I haven't read any of the books
> my friends seem to like best, i.e., Starship Troopers. Hated the movie.

I read Starship Troopers in high school, and it was a big help when I 
was in the army.

His description of the training and explanations of what the instructors 
were trying to achieve, and why, got me through basic training,  and 
through the rest of my term in the military. Without advice in the book, 
I might have had a much harder time. Funny thing is, Heinlein went to 
Annapolis - he never went through a grunt's basic training, but he 
described it very well.

I agree with you about the movie - much as I wanted to like it, I still 
hated it.

FWIW, I heard that Verhoeven (the director) was inspired by the line "is 
this another bug-hunt?" in Aliens, and wanted to make a "bug hunt" movie.

Then somebody warned him that might infringe on the options for making 
Starship Troopers that someone had purchased from Heinlein but never 
done anything about. So Verhoeven purchased that option and made 
Starship Troopers - but he never read the book. I don't even know if the 
writers he hired read more than the Cliff notes of the book.

BTW, Heinlein's decision to explicitly make the pilots a mainly female 
profession was controversial at the time when the book came out in 1959.

If you watch the interview of Cronkite with Clarke and Heinlein during 
the Apollo 11 mission, at the 24th minute, Heinlein, without prompting, 
advocates for women astronauts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMAmk5Rp1tk

Watching that interview is really fascinating. That optimism ("we are 
sure to have hospitals on the moon before the end of this century").

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