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Before you can acknowledge truth, you have to believe that there is such a thing as objective truth. As long as people insist on his truth or her truth we will invariably talk past each other and can never learn anything.
Absolutely people’s past experience will influence their perceptions. I believe that there is such a thing as truth that goes deeper than perception.
An example I use is, if your experience somehow has been that bowling balls are usually very light, I still will not like you to drop one on my foot. I don’t even want to be around if you drop one on your own foot.

William A Wenrich

  *    A sinner, utterly dependent on God’s grace.

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To make a just society, we would first have to understand the factors that
produce injustice with such consistency.  Without knowing and acknowledging
the truth, directed change is impossible.

Unfortunately, "acknowledging truth" isn't high on the list of human
priorities; it's well below "cling to comforting delusions" and "exert
political power through dogma".

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> I'm optimistic that we will finally reach equality.
> We just have to work together on what constitute a equal society.
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