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Alayne said:

> Re Heinlein not understanding women: he was married to two strong women,
> Leslyn and Virginia, and from all accounts his marriage to Virginia was
> long-lasting and happy. Of course, one doesn't know how much marriage
> partners actually understand each other but Heinlein certainly wasn't an
> incel, either, and as has been mentioned he strongly supported women in
> professions and as equal contributors to society.

Frankly, I liked his attitude towards women (in the books I read) and had
no problem with that. I just thought he couldn't write a woman's viewpoint
well. Not a problem in judgement - more like a problem in literary skill.

> Last year, I got the audiobook of _I Will Fear No Evil_ from the library
> and returned it after getting to the point that the main character wakes
> up after the transplant. I realized I loathed *everyone* in it --

I can't recall if I read that one; I think not. Shall I guess that his
writing was, generally speaking, uneven?

> On the other hand, I loved Star in Glory Road; all the female characters
> in juveniles like Time for the Stars and Red Planet and the Rolling
> Stones;

Those are the ones I've never read.

> Wyoh and Hazel in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress;

That's my favourite of his books.

> -- but at the same time
> I think he did better than most male authors of that era (SF and non-SF).

Which is probably why I have read very little SF of that era - or at least,
the books I read were either by the female authors or the up-and-coming
writers of a new generation.


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