[LMB] Heinlein

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 03:45:13 BST 2021

Having said what I said about not reading SF authors of Heinlein's
generation, I realized I had no sense of when he was born or what his
generation was. So I looked him up.

He was born in 1907, which makes him roughly the same generation as my
parents - a little older, though not by much.

So when he was growing up, women couldn't vote yet. He grew up through
World War I, the 1920s... he was in  his thirties when World War II came
along. He was the same age as Robert E. Howard and James A. Michener.

He was so forward-thinking and future-oriented, I thought he was decades
younger than that. My respect for him has grown. (And understand that I
already respected him.)



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