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Re Wyo and Hazel, did you catch on to the fact that Hazel is a young
version of the Gramma Hazel in "The Rolling Stones" ?

I Will Fear No Evil is one of the ones that I read but couldn't enjoy. I
found that most of his "late" books were like that. In an introduction to
an anthology (so long ago I can't recall which anthology), written by (I
think) Lester delRey (or maybe not) commented that whenHeinlein was great
when under tight editorial control (e.g., the "Boys" books, and some other
early works), but when let free tended to "sprawl" badly. I hadn't
previously thought of that as a description, but it seems to fit.

On Sat, Oct 2, 2021 at 10:34 PM Elizabeth Holden <alzurite at gmail.com> wrote:

> Alayne said:
> > Re Heinlein not understanding women: he was married to two strong women,
> > Leslyn and Virginia, and from all accounts his marriage to Virginia was
> > long-lasting and happy. Of course, one doesn't know how much marriage
> > partners actually understand each other but Heinlein certainly wasn't an
> > incel, either, and as has been mentioned he strongly supported women in
> > professions and as equal contributors to society.
> Frankly, I liked his attitude towards women (in the books I read) and had
> no problem with that. I just thought he couldn't write a woman's viewpoint
> well. Not a problem in judgement - more like a problem in literary skill.
> > Last year, I got the audiobook of _I Will Fear No Evil_ from the library
> > and returned it after getting to the point that the main character wakes
> > up after the transplant. I realized I loathed *everyone* in it --
> I can't recall if I read that one; I think not. Shall I guess that his
> writing was, generally speaking, uneven?
> > On the other hand, I loved Star in Glory Road; all the female characters
> > in juveniles like Time for the Stars and Red Planet and the Rolling
> > Stones;
> Those are the ones I've never read.
> > Wyoh and Hazel in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress;
> That's my favourite of his books.
> > -- but at the same time
> > I think he did better than most male authors of that era (SF and non-SF).
> Which is probably why I have read very little SF of that era - or at least,
> the books I read were either by the female authors or the up-and-coming
> writers of a new generation.
> namaste,
> Elizabeth
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