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On Sun, 3 Oct 2021, Fred wrote:

> Re Wyo and Hazel, did you catch on to the fact that Hazel is a young
> version of the Gramma Hazel in "The Rolling Stones" ?

Yup, first time I read TMiaHM.

> I Will Fear No Evil is one of the ones that I read but couldn't enjoy. I
> found that most of his "late" books were like that. In an introduction to
> an anthology (so long ago I can't recall which anthology), written by (I
> think) Lester del Rey (or maybe not) commented that when Heinlein was great
> when under tight editorial control (e.g., the "Boys" books, and some other
> early works), but when let free tended to "sprawl" badly. I hadn't
> previously thought of that as a description, but it seems to fit.

Agreed, though I would argue that IWFNE was simply flawed from the 
beginning, uncorrectable by editing, and should have been dumped.

Did you ever read the uncut version of Stranger in a Strange Land, 
which was released by Heinlein's estate in the 90s to mark the book's 
30th anniversary? Supposedly it's 1/4 longer, but I didn't see much 
difference when I read it.

See also

Comparing Versions of Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”
by G. E. Rule

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