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Matthew George: { revenons à nos moutons }

 >It's not at all clear to me that the making of spirit rings
 >can ever be good, even if the person imbued gives permission,
 >given what must be done to preserve the soul.  The mortality
 >of souls is a point on which this story dive0rges from, say,
 >traditional Catholic doctrine.  Traditional Christian
 >doctrine, really.	

Shamans' craft, as discussed in _Hallowed Hunt_ and
"Penric and the Shaman" raise similar concerns. We see
attempts to save a soul by attaching it to an inanimate object --
banner, knife, whatever. The shamans at least have an
excuse.  The human soul entangled with the animal spirit
is protected until it can be saved for heaven. Vitelli's
motives seem more selfish. If I recall correctly there
would be no point at which the pickled body would be
transferred to a proper grave, nor a bound soul earn
redemption along with release from the binding metal.

The later chapter of Uri's special case, we can take
up in the proper time.

But I am wondering if the Weald has some sort of
heretic shaman deliberately binding spirit/souls to
weapons rather than warriors. The warriors carrying
animal spirits have powers.  Would a warrior
carrying a "cursed" blade be more effective?

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