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>I have no problem with that. I like Heinlein's writing, and his ideas are 
>interesting and I agree with a good part of them. Haven't read them all; 
>I've heard odd things about some of them. I haven't read any of the books 
>my friends seem to like best, i.e., Starship Troopers. Hated the movie. 
It's *nothing* like the book. 

Beatrice Otter:

No, indeed it isn't!

I love this old review of the movie: https://web.archive.org/web/20180509155155/http://doyleandmacdonald.com/r_startro.htm

It's scathing in the extreme, and the last line in particular is great (and true): "Oh yeah—that reminds me.  There's this really neat book with a similar
name.  It's called Starship Troopers,
by Robert A. Heinlein.  Maybe someday
somone will make it into a movie."

Beatrice Otter

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