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One problem with both Harry Potter and the Anita Blake books, IMO, is
poorly-thought-out world-building.

To be fair to her, Rowling never expected her books to become such an
enormous success, and since she was (originally at least) mainly writing
for children and teens, she didn't think things through as thoroughly as
she might have.  And I don't think Hamilton expected the Anita Blake books
to go on for anything like as long as they have.  Even so, though, I can
pick holes in both series' backgrounds all day long.

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> Yes, I really enjoyed Harry Potter (and bless the Brooklyn Public
> Librarian in the Paerdegat branch who misfiled _Harry Potter and the
> Sorcerer's Stone_ in Adult Science Fiction oh so many years ago), but I
> have tried a few of her later books and gave them up early.
> Harvey
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