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Kids are actually a lot tougher-minded, at least in my experience, than
doting parents want to think they are.

Quidditch, according to something I read, was based partly on the "Wall
Game" at Eton, which is just as weird.

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> > One problem with both Harry Potter and the Anita Blake books, IMO, is
> > poorly-thought-out world-building.
> >
> > To be fair to her, Rowling never expected her books to become such an
> > enormous success, and since she was (originally at least) mainly writing
> > for children and teens, she didn't think things through as thoroughly as
> > she might have.  And I don't think Hamilton expected the Anita Blake
> books
> > to go on for anything like as long as they have.  Even so, though, I can
> > pick holes in both series' backgrounds all day long.
> True.   And it’s a much, much darker world than I want kids to read about.
> But she couldn’t even build a rational sport.
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