[LMB] OT: historical analogue for the meteor in The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal

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> Fascinating. If true, this would be the first evidence of a town wiped out
> by a meteor impact. I wonder if they found evidence of any rare Earth
> minerals. That would be quite conclusive. That could have been the same
> century that the Mediterranean island Thera blew its top.

I read the full paper.  Yes, there is (some) evidence for an increase in
rare elements, but most of it
depends on various bits and pieces of Tell el-Hammam being exposed to
higher temperatures than
are typically found in any human activities (as in, at least a thousand
degrees hotter than, say, smith-
type activities usually get.).  Various other evidence seems to indicate
pretty impressive shock-waves
as well.

It's only fair to note that some other archaeologists are saying things
like "but this is just a perfectly
normal destruction layer" and "of course mudbrick walls get eroded off
their stone foundations over

Still, if this really is Sodom, it's pretty exciting.

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