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> > An amazing amount of traditions in “Christian” countries involved ghosts
> > and lost souls.
> Yes, but the souls were considered inherently immortal.  Saying that you
> have to feed a soul is basically heretical.

I got the impression that the "feeding" of the soul (or ghost) was part of
the binding process, that is, to hold it (unnaturally) on the earthly plane
instead of letting it go on to whatever afterlife it was destined for--not
that the soul would dissipate or be destroyed if it wasn't fed.

In this way the situation in The Spirit Ring is different from that in the
5GU, where "sundering" (and eventual oblivion) is a possibility, so you
have Inglis "feeding" Tollin's ghost in the knife so he won't be
irrevocably sundered before he can be disentangled from the boar spirit and
go to his god.

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