[LMB] Spirit Ring, Chapter 3

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Howard says:

 >> An amazing amount of traditions in *Christian* countries
 >>involved ghosts and lost souls.

Matthew George replies:

 >Yes, but the souls were considered inherently immortal.
 >Saying that you have to feed a soul is basically heretical.

When your soul, temporarily, inhabits a mortal body, you
have to "keep body and soul together" (as the traditional
expression has it) by feeding the body.

I see no heresy in extending the observation to suppose
that while or when your soul continues to inhabit the
mortal realm, eschewing the ethereal destinations available,
your soul would continue to need some way to keep it from
fading or  drifting away or otherwise degrading. Keeping
grave and soul together.  Or gibbet and soul.  Or Gothic
Mansion and soul together.  Whatever. The fear that the
sustenance of the ghost imposes a cost on the living would
seem to be part of why the living want to avoid the
incompletely dead.

What MAY be heresy, depending on your faith tradtions,
is the claim that "your soul is basically immortal."  Many
argue that your, and most, souls are destined to be lost
or destroyed, in fire or otherwise, unless specifically
salvaged. Ethereal, yes. Immortal -- under dispute.

The tension between releasing a captive victim ghost, and
destroying a wild monster ghost, or even temporarily
harboring a forlorn stray ghost,  are part of what we explore
in _Spirit Ring_.  What is the obligation of the living
to the dead?  What benefits can the dead offer the living?
What threats?  What is food for a ghost?

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