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> What MAY be heresy, depending on your faith tradtions,
> is the claim that "your soul is basically immortal."  Many
> argue that your, and most, souls are destined to be lost
> or destroyed, in fire or otherwise, unless specifically
> salvaged. Ethereal, yes. Immortal -- under dispute.

You don't understand the traditional doctrines on the subject, that's
clear.  It's the difference between damnation - the active consignment of a
soul to punishment and possible destruction - and sundering - the passive
consignment of a soul to destruction through decay and the absence of
active preservation.

Given that we're supposed to be dealing with the Catholic Church, or a
version of it, the ways in which the organization's doctrines in *The
Spirit Ring* differ from those of the real organization are highly relevant
- and are likely a major reason why *The Curse of Chalion* moves to a
wholly new religion instead of having a Catholicism expy.

Matt G.

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