[LMB] OT: Neil Gaiman question, What movie terrorized you?

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The other night I was listening to NPR and a story came about a couple who
bought a house in Maryland and found out it belonged to  family who's son
had been possessed by a demon. They took the kid to St. Louis where he was
exorcised. The became the basis for "The Exorcist" the new home owner knew
what his Halloween theme would be.
Anyway the discussion went to what movie terrorized you? For him it was
"Night of the Comet"
For me it was, "Planet of the Vampires" in my defense is was ten years old
at the time.

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> Eric thinks:
>  >Kids are actually a lot tougher-minded, at least in
>  >my experience, than doting parents want to think
>  >they are.
> https://untitledmx.com/2016/11/12/coraline/
> https://thesaltofcarthage.tumblr.com/post/658619975795425280/space-trash-princess-neil-gaiman-feyariel
> Short version:
> Neil Gaiman's literary agent, Merrilee Heifetz, thought _Coraline_
> was too scary for kids. Gaiman suggested that she should read it
> to her daughters, aged eight and six. Nine years later, the youngest
> daughter confessed to Gaiman that she was TERRIFIED by the
> story but refused to tell her mother because she wanted to know what
> happened next. And so the book was marketed to parents for
> children.
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