[LMB] OT: historical analogue for the meteor in The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal

dbernat dbernat at gol.com
Thu Oct 7 13:29:34 BST 2021

Raymond Collins wrote:

> I read the tweets and had to scratch my head, one tweet said the lack 
> of
> human remains. Infact starting on page 44 is the section of the Nature
> Article on human remains showing considerable damage to the skeletons
> infact most skeletal remains were highly fragmented. Around page 35 of 
> the
> article is the discussion of melted chrome which melts at temperatures
> above 2100c (3815.8  Fahrenheit) the article even took lightening into
> account.
> After reading the Nature Article, I think a bronze age community being
> wiped out by a meteor air burst to be pretty plausible.

The Sirente Crater in Italy may also have been the result of a meteor 
air burst.

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