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>> On Oct 3, 2021, at 7:28 PM, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:
>> One problem with both Harry Potter and the Anita Blake books, IMO, is
>> poorly-thought-out world-building.
>> To be fair to her, Rowling never expected her books to become such an
>> enormous success, and since she was (originally at least) mainly writing
>> for children and teens, she didn't think things through as thoroughly as
>> she might have.  And I don't think Hamilton expected the Anita Blake books
>> to go on for anything like as long as they have.  Even so, though, I can
>> pick holes in both series' backgrounds all day long.
>True.   And it’s a much, much darker world than I want kids to read about.

I thought it was quite clever the way the books sort of grew up with the

But the books were very formulaic, with a lot of repeated phrases¹ and
overused words², and - mirabile dictu! - I actually prefer the films!
>But she couldn’t even build a rational sport.

And Hermione is *so* a Ravenclaw.

Have you read "Harry Potter and the Tools of Rationality" on fanfic?

¹"Harry, Ron and Hermione".  Over and over and over.
²"Zoomed" - I swear half the annual print usage of that word is in the
HP books.

The repetition is even more grating in the audiobooks, which the
offspring consumed endlessly in the car.
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