[LMB] Heinlein and Bujold

brazee howard at brazee.net
Thu Oct 7 15:35:30 BST 2021

> On Oct 7, 2021, at 8:11 AM, Elizabeth Holden <alzurite at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Quite a bit of science fiction really assumed that the current American
> culture would be the
>> culture of the future.
> Presumably that was American writers writing for American audiences. How
> else would they do it? People write about what they know, aiming it at the
> audience they expect.

And they didn’t even recognize that American culture was more diverse.

We have to do that to some degree, especially with far future science fiction.  Even historical fiction sells better with protagonists the readers can relate to.

But science fiction used to be pretty extreme in its adherence to an image of an American culture.   I’ve been re-reading some of the more successful SF of a half-century ago, and noticing what I didn’t catch the first time around.

> Cf. the future culture of Beta Colony, Jackson's Whole, and many if not
> most of the planets mentioned in the Bujold novels - with notable
> exceptions like Barrayar (European/British/Russian/French) and Escobar
> (Spanish).

Which is one reason we love her writing.   Science Fiction has grown and changed with the best authors leading the way.

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