[LMB] Heinlein and Bujold

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Thu Oct 7 16:08:19 BST 2021

On 07/10/2021 15:35, brazee wrote:
> But science fiction used to be pretty extreme in its adherence to an image of an American culture.   I’ve been re-reading some of the more successful SF of a half-century ago, and noticing what I didn’t catch the first time around.

Once, when I was ... probably around 10, I got my hands on a translation 
of a Russian SF book.

I don't remember much, other than it involved a crash on a high gravity 
planet, one of the protagonists was called "Wind Gift" and the society 
"back home" was glorious communism. I do remember it bored me to tears 
and turned me off all Eastern-European SF writers (other than Stanislaw 

I wonder what I would think of it if I read it now...

Lem, of course, was in a lot of his books completely 
society-independent. (Books like "Star diaries of Ion Tichy", 
"Invincible" and "Tales of Pirx the pilot").

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