[LMB] Spirit Ring, Chapter 3 - magic devices

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 16:14:10 BST 2021

Howard Brazee said:

> I suspect magic lamps started from one story, as they don’t make much

Do you mean like Aladdin and the genie? Why do you say they don't make
sense?  Compared to, say, rings with spirits in them?

> Rings, though are jewelry worn by the rich and powerful.   And they often
have gems.

And they have a long history, ring-giving and ring-bearing being a big deal
in the early middle ages.

> What other devices have had souls/spirits embedded in them?

There's Sam Vimes' pocket-disorganzer with its trying-to-be-helpful but
quirky interior imp.

This also makes me think of Hamlet's line, "I could be bounded in a
nutshell and think myself king of infinite space."


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