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Thu Oct 7 16:28:59 BST 2021

Like the radio piece we listened to at breakfast today, about all the 
Korean words that have recently been added to the Oxford English 

I commented that when William Gibson started writing in the 80s, we 
envisioned more Japanese cultural references coming into American culture 
- which happened, but even more with Korean. And Vietnamese, for that 
matter, too.

I remember reading recently an interview with Gibson where he mentioned 
that some of his earlier boks are in fact set right about now. Odd feeling 
that, outliving your future SF.

obBujold: Beta Colony may be somewhat American, but without its attitudes
re sex and re religion.


> Howard Brazee said:
>> Quite a bit of science fiction really assumed that the current American
> culture would be the
>> culture of the future.

On Thu, 7 Oct 2021, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> Presumably that was American writers writing for American audiences. How
> else would they do it? People write about what they know, aiming it at the
> audience they expect.
> Cf. the future culture of Beta Colony, Jackson's Whole, and many if not
> most of the planets mentioned in the Bujold novels - with notable
> exceptions like Barrayar (European/British/Russian/French) and Escobar
> (Spanish).

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