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Howard Brazee wrote:

brazee wrote:

> Quite a bit of science fiction really assumed that the current
> American culture would be the culture of the future.

dbernat asked:

> How many writers had the familiarity with a non-US culture necessary to
> write a believable story set outside the United States?

Any writer who is not American. Or any writer who is an immigrant or
aboriginal. Or writers who have studied other cultures, or who have lived
outside the U.S. for long enough to observe and understand another culture.
Or writers who are dealing with different subcultures within the U.S.

This is not necessarily a goal for American SF writers to pursue, but if
it's chosen as a goal, it's not particularly inaccessible.

This got me thinking about British and Canadian SF, and reflecting that I
can't think of any SF from Australia or New Zealand. Can anyone point me to
NZ/Australian SF authors? I can think of NZ fantasy authors I've read
(Elizabeth Knox being a favourite), but SF?


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