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before the fall of communism (in Russia) EVERYTHING had to have
propaganda-ish value, else it (and its creator) were suppressed.

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> Matija Grabnar <lmb at matija.com> wrote:
> > Once, when I was ... probably around 10, I got my hands on a translation
> > of a Russian SF book.
> >
> > I don't remember much, other than it involved a crash on a high gravity
> > planet, one of the protagonists was called "Wind Gift" and the society
> > "back home" was glorious communism. I do remember it bored me to tears
> > and turned me off all Eastern-European SF writers (other than Stanislaw
> > Lem).
> I have a couple of anthologies edited by Asimov: _Soviet Science
> Fiction_ and _More Soviet Science Fiction_.  They're stories translated
> from Russian.  I gave up partway into the second one; I found them
> *very* slow going.  They were generally all about the triumph of
> communism and its spread outward from Earth, and (to me) didn't seem to
> be very well written.  Part of that may have been from the translation.
> But I found myself wondering if the books had been intended to be
> propaganda-ish: "look at how bad the Russians are at writing SF!"
> Joel
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