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To go way, way back, there's Australian writer Nevil Shute, who might have been a contemporary of Heinlein, or even earlier.
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A. Bertram Chandler settled in Australia after the war and started writing
science fiction. One of his more notable books was called "Kelly Country" a
alternate history take of Ned Kelly's descendants.

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> >> This got me thinking about British and Canadian SF, and reflecting that
> I
> >> can't think of any SF from Australia or New Zealand. Can anyone point
> me to
> >> NZ/Australian SF authors? I can think of NZ fantasy authors I've read
> >> (Elizabeth Knox being a favourite), but SF?
> >>
> >
> > Wikipedia has a list of Australian SF writers. The two names I recognized
> > were John Birmingham and Sean McMullen.
> Another australian author, more on the fantasy side although he has
> written SF: Garth Nix.
> I recently listened to the audiobook of his _Newt's Emerald_ and enjoyed
> it thoroughly. Fantasy regency with a heroine who played with her cousins
> and is very good with ships and knots and keeps rescuing herself before
> the hero can get to her. Wittily written.
> http://www.garthnix.com/about/
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