[LMB] Heinlein

dbernat dbernat at gol.com
Fri Oct 8 00:54:14 BST 2021

Elizabeth Holden wrote:

> Any writer who is not American. Or any writer who is an immigrant or
> aboriginal. Or writers who have studied other cultures, or who have 
> lived
> outside the U.S. for long enough to observe and understand another 
> culture.
> Or writers who are dealing with different subcultures within the U.S.
> This is not necessarily a goal for American SF writers to pursue, but 
> if
> it's chosen as a goal, it's not particularly inaccessible.

It could happen a lot more than it does. Even self-publishing on Kindle 
hasn't boosted the numbers much.

> This got me thinking about British and Canadian SF, and reflecting that 
> I
> can't think of any SF from Australia or New Zealand. Can anyone point 
> me to
> NZ/Australian SF authors? I can think of NZ fantasy authors I've read
> (Elizabeth Knox being a favourite), but SF?

Nevil Shute wrote some SF.

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