[LMB] ot: scary movies

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 16:25:14 BST 2021

Something I always thought was a movie, but a search now informs me was a
TV episode:  Amazing Stories, "Go to the Head of the Class".

I stumbled across it while channel-surfing as a child.  High-school
students playing around with a grimoire end up killing their hated
principal with black magic.  To undo their spell, they conduct a
resurrection ritual, but accidentally tear the head off the photo they use
as the target object.  The ritual works!  Sort of.

The body chasing the students through the darkened house, while the head
laughs and laughs and laughs... really messed me up.  I know it's corny, I
know it's stupid, but...  [shudders]

Ooh, there's a trailer!

Matt G.

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