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A human who was injured or unconscious might not be able to get away.  And
you never have a giant-sized can of Raid when you need one, at least in my

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> Something I always thought was a movie, but a search now informs me was a
> TV episode:  Amazing Stories, "Go to the Head of the Class".
> I stumbled across it while channel-surfing as a child.  High-school
> students playing around with a grimoire end up killing their hated
> principal with black magic.  To undo their spell, they conduct a
> resurrection ritual, but accidentally tear the head off the photo they use
> as the target object.  The ritual works!  Sort of.
> The body chasing the students through the darkened house, while the head
> laughs and laughs and laughs... really messed me up.  I know it's corny, I
> know it's stupid, but...  [shudders]
> Ooh, there's a trailer!
> https://www.imdb.com/video/vi3102719257/?ref_=tt_vi_i_1
> Matt G.
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