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 He also quizzed and old friend from Academy days - about transport logistics to supply Moscow. The answer he got was 'We know they're lying, but it's a lie we don't want to challenge'.

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Matthew George

I've had this topic come up before.  Heinlein's conclusions were pretty completely wrong, because he assumed American levels of consumption and concluded that the Soviet Union must have been inflating their population claims.  I'm sure lots of people lied about many things, but the Russians simply didn't consume as many resources.

HIs guesses about the future are also hilariously wrong, but predictions always are.

Matt G.
As I recall his conclusions were not based on consumption but on family size among the people he talked to. I don't remember the numbers he reported, but if most families have only one or two children and the people say that they only have one cousin, the population isn't growing. IIRC, most of these questions were posed by Virginia.

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