[LMB] Spirit Ring, Chapter 3 - magic devices

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The really, really rich don't go in for flash, if only because they're
trying to distinguish themselves along class lines, and flash is what most
people would go for.  They tend to go for items that are visibly
high-quality, but modestly decorated.

There are other ways of showing off one's supposed discernment.  It's
well-demonstrated that very few people have sufficiently sensitive senses
of taste and smell to detect the differences that it's claimed distinguish
different varieties of wine; it's also well-demonstrated that the bottle in
which wine is presented tends to determine how that wine is perceived.
Conformity to expectation is a way of establishing status that everyone
tends to use, regardless of what specific expectations are involved.

Matt G.

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> > On 08/10/2021 16:15, Matthew George wrote:
> > > Practical rich people go for high-quality but normal stuff, rather than
> > > solid gold toilets and diamond-encrusted socks.
> >
> > Bill Gates, far richer than any of the ex presidents was famously
> > described as
> >
> > "Dresses like he owns a shoe store".
> >
> Gates has at least his share of character flaws, but he knows better than
> to gauge his self-worth by the amount of gold plated stuff he owns.
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