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> Alayne said:

> > I think he did better than most male authors of that era (SF and non-SF).
> Which is probably why I have read very little SF of that era - or at least,
> the books I read were either by the female authors or the up-and-coming
> writers of a new generation.

It was actually getting better.  When I read Campbell's classic "The Black Star Passes" (1930), by about a quarter of the way through I was thinking there was something odd about it that I couldn't put my finger on.  When I realised what it was I checked, and yes, there are virtually no female characters in the whole book.

Never mind no colleagues or girlfriends, there are no mothers, no sisters, not so much as a cleaning lady or typist.  There is one woman mentioned, but not named, among the victims of the baddie in Book 1, and unless I missed another, that's it.

It's ironic that this is sometimes called "Golden Age" SF, because the Golden Age of the Classical Greeks was imagined as a time when the human race consisted only of men doing jolly boys' stuff, before the gods became jealous of their happiness and created women to spoil it.

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