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> I agree. "Fantasy" isn't an excuse for sloppy drafting, inconsistencies, and other such flaws. A fantasy world doesn't have to be based on scientific laws or extrapolations therefrom, but it's not a narrative free-for-all -- unless it's tongue-in-cheek in a particular way that the Harry Potter books aren't.
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>>>> As for Quidditch, it is not meant to be 'rational', for god's sake, you might as well complain that a fairy tale is not realistic.
>>> It wouldn’t have been hard to make it rational and fit what she was trying to do. She was lazy.
>> It is called fantasy. And the kids LOVE it.
>It would be fantasy if she fixed the game rules, and the kids would *still* love it.

The snitch is needed later in the story arc, so it had to exist.  The
rules could have been marginally more sensible, though - e.g. when the
snitch is caught, the match is over, without an effect on the score.

That would have made the seekers' roles more strategic - the side
currently losing would be keen to block the winning side's seeker,
rather than catch it themselves.
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