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On Sat, 9 Oct 2021, Marc Wilson wrote:
> The snitch is needed later in the story arc, so it had to exist.  The
> rules could have been marginally more sensible, though - e.g. when the
> snitch is caught, the match is over, without an effect on the score.
> That would have made the seekers' roles more strategic - the side
> currently losing would be keen to block the winning side's seeker,
> rather than catch it themselves.

I like Marc's suggestion here - I think it would have made the game more 

To me, the purpose of Quidditch was a) to give Harry an activity he could 
excel at that wasn't in the schoolroom (which then avoided him competing 
directly with Hermione and also allowed him to be the target of Snape 
without totally destroying his amour-propre)

b) to create a game that depended most of all on exceptional flying 
skills. Secondarily it's a team sport with strategy, but what the 
spectators most thrill to are the flying stunts.


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