[LMB] Cloning?

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 It's clear that organ cloning is common throughout the nexus; if they can clone kidneys, they can clone anything. Uterine replicators can support organ growth, so full body duplication isn't needed (tho growing a complete organ subsystem (say, and entire digestive tract,, which Miles needed) is probably done to ensure proper operation in the end. 

 Editing the tolmeres is probably easily done; consider Terrence See; if it hadn't been done, his lifespan would be limited by the age of the woman who carried the telepathy gene complex. She was old, per canon, so those genes from her would be age-limited. The Celestial Garden would have done the required adjustment, to give their test subjects a normal lifespan.

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> Has there been any any cloning shown in the nexus except for the Jackson Whole body Leggers (a take on organleggers which is a take on bootleggers).
> Does anyone think that human cloning is a good idea? I think it’s sickening.
> We have no way of adjusting length of the tolemers which would be shorter in an adult than in an embryo. Remember, Dolly lived less than half as long as is normal for a sheep of that breed.

The process doesn’t sicken me.  Identical twins are clones.  Lots of our fruits and vegetables are clones.  

But if it is done for body parts or for narcissistic reasons, I agree with you.
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