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>> And in _The Spirit Ring_ we have the magician’s daughter.
> That is true, and it would be equally true to say we have the sorcerer’s apprentice.  But as the Golden Age of Science Fiction characters being talked about were mostly minor characters, and Fiametta is the protagonist, it’s more that one of the characters is the magician’s or apprentice's father.
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So here LMB subverted the cliche. Thing is at least at the time, boys would not
read stories with girls or women as the protagonist, whereas girls and women
would read stories with men and boys as protagonists.

It behooved authors to write male protagonists. There were some stories with
girls as protagonists such as Nancy Drew girl detective.[1} Even back in the 1930s.

One teacher read us Nancy Drew stories after lunch [1950s] and then another teacher was
horrified and said we boys should be reading stories with male heroes, both were

Even LMB seems to favor male protagonists. The bulk of her work is the Miles stories.

Suppose Heinlein had written _Stranger_ with a female protagonist.

[1}Nancy Drew is a fictional character, a sleuth in an American mystery
series created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer as the female counterpart to his
Hardy Boys series. The character first appeared in 1930. The books are
ghostwritten by a number of authors and published under the collective pseudonym
Carolyn Keene. — Wikipedia

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