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> It wouldn’t have been hard to make it rational and fit what she was trying to do. She was lazy.

Rowling's world building was anything but "lazy."  She could have adopted the generic Middle-Earth template used by almost all modern fantasy writers; instead she built her mythology from the ground up from British folklore and Classical legend.  People have written books about the background and only made a start.

Example among many: she knew that in traditional English country tales, "elves" are little folk like goblins, so in her world that's what they are.  She didn't care that to most fantasy readers the word meant Elrond and Galadriel.  Her world, her rules.

In her very first book she planted clues and Chekhov's guns some of which wouldn't go off till the final conclusion.  She introduced incidental characters who we slowly saw grow into people we would admire or mourn.  She set up story arcs that looked like jokes and turned into dramas.  If it looks lazily easy to you, try it yourself.

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