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> > > > As for Quidditch, it is not meant to be 'rational', for god's sake, you might as well complain that a fairy tale is not realistic.
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> > > It wouldn’t have been hard to make it rational and fit what she was trying to do. She was lazy.
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> > What was she trying to do, in your opinion?
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> > It is a bit easy to just say an author is 'lazy', don't you think?
> She wanted a game where the protagonist could be the hero. She didn’t bother to think through the rules and realize that the rest of the game was meaningless. Well, I expect other people told her that, so she showed us that it isn’t absolutely meaningless. But I little thought or some peer review could have allowed her to have her desired effect without the problem.

I would never deny that there are holes in her stories, especially with the game and the muggle world. But in the first case, when giving an opinion of a book you should look at the whole book - or books - not just what is wrong with it, like a teacher with a big fat red pencil. She was a single mom trying desperately to pay the rent, which in my head does not rime with 'lazy' and 'did not bother to'. And secondly the books are hugely successful and have meant a lot to a lot of people of all ages, and there are reasons for that, not least that she got better and better at it, as authors normally do.


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