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> > > Sure, but that's not how fame works. Yes, we can read the books about secret agents and their exploits during WW2, but none of them are as famous as the politicians or even the generals.
> Miles’s forte was covert operations, thus his WWII analog would be somebody like Otto Skorzeny, who was somewhat notorious.

Remember Cordelia's embarrassment at the Betan vid-drama presenting her as the heroine of the Escobar war?  It occurs to me that if some Betan producer were researching the amazing exploits of the mysterious Admiral Naismith (who always claimed to be from Beta,) and made the same deductions as the Cetagandans about a minor Barrayaran Captain, there could be a whole spectacular vid-drama series about him.  And as with Cordelia's story, the fact that the events were classified utter top secret on Barrayar wouldn't stop Barrayarans watching it.  He could end up more famous than he ever wanted, and wouldn't his mother laugh.

I hand the plot over to our talented fanfiction authors!

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