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> Has there been any any cloning shown in the nexus except for the Jackson
> Whole body Leggers (a take on organleggers which is a take on bootleggers).

In _Ethan of Athos_, it's a minor side note that the Athosians (or at least
Ethan, but then he's solidly middle-of-the-road for that society) regard
cloning oneself as the sin of vanity.  Which is not a bad take on the

Does anyone think that human cloning is a good idea? I think it’s sickening.

I think it boils down to "why are you doing it?" and "how are you doing
it?"  There's nothing wrong with cloning _per se_, but it can be done for
the wrong reasons.

We have no way of adjusting length of the tolemers which would be shorter
> in an adult than in an embryo. Remember, Dolly lived less than half as long
> as is normal for a sheep of that breed.

It seems to me that our knowledge of the field is not yet advanced enough
to reliably do human cloning with an assurance that we're not creating
someone who's going to regret their creation.  I suspect that this will
change as the technology develops.
But that only covers the "how are you doing it?" part of the ethics, not
the "why are you doing it?"

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