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I think that, as always, Herself herself summed cloning up well:  "Anybody
who went out and deliberately had a clone made was a little twisted.  Far
better to have a child, preferably with a partner a little smarter,
stronger or more able than you---that way you can have a chance of some
improvement in the family."  Or words to that effect---I don't have *Brothers
in Arms* open before me.

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> > Has there been any any cloning shown in the nexus except for the Jackson
> > Whole body Leggers (a take on organleggers which is a take on
> bootleggers).
> >
> In _Ethan of Athos_, it's a minor side note that the Athosians (or at least
> Ethan, but then he's solidly middle-of-the-road for that society) regard
> cloning oneself as the sin of vanity.  Which is not a bad take on the
> matter.
> Does anyone think that human cloning is a good idea? I think it’s
> sickening.
> >
> I think it boils down to "why are you doing it?" and "how are you doing
> it?"  There's nothing wrong with cloning _per se_, but it can be done for
> the wrong reasons.
> We have no way of adjusting length of the tolemers which would be shorter
> > in an adult than in an embryo. Remember, Dolly lived less than half as
> long
> > as is normal for a sheep of that breed.
> >
> It seems to me that our knowledge of the field is not yet advanced enough
> to reliably do human cloning with an assurance that we're not creating
> someone who's going to regret their creation.  I suspect that this will
> change as the technology develops.
> But that only covers the "how are you doing it?" part of the ethics, not
> the "why are you doing it?"
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