[LMB] Reading in different languages

Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 17:39:32 BST 2021

Marc Wilson said, about the Harry Potter books:

> My daughter has the first two in Latin.

I'd like that! I do have the first one is Scots. I have Dr Seuss in Latin,
and The Little Prince in English, Latin, French, and Esperanto. I have
Asterix the Gaul in Latin and Esperanto (and gave a Welsh translation of it
to my father for Christmas one year). Asterix is fun, but difficult.

I collected Winnie-the-Pooh in Latin, German, and Esperanto. The German was
a little optimistic if I thought I could read it all. But I did read some.

And I have "Captain Vorpatril's Alliance" in French, which is
surprisingly smooth to read.

I'd like a Bujold novel in Esperanto but I don't think I'll get one unless
I translate it myself.


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