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On Sat, 9 Oct 2021 21:27:15 -0500, Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com>

>I suspect it might have something to do with short term memory. Basically
>the brain doesn't think its important enough to store the information in
>the memory banks (so to speak) that's why witnesses are so unreliable.
>There is a class exercise where the students suddenly witnesses a event in
>class and has to describe the incident and those involved. Many of students
>get it wrong.

It's also distraction (this is how "magic" works); they were instructed
to take note of something else.
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>> >> "Change blindness" is often invoked in paranormal works to explain why
>> people don't notice weird stuff around them. In the webcomic “El Goonish
>> Shive” a shape-shifter demonstrates it by repeatedly changing her hair
>> colour when people look away, and when they look back they don’t realise
>> she was a different colour before.
>> >
>> >This has been documented in videos. They used different people in very
>> short time differences and the subject
>> >didn’t seem to notice the person they were talking to had changed.
>> >
>> >When you are getting directions do you really care about from whom?
>> There's a famous video where people are asked to study a basketball
>> game, and only around 5% of test subjects recall that a man in a gorilla
>> suit walks across the court.
>> I *do* hope my liberty never depends on the observation skills of the
>> average eyewitness.
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